Expansion of a new brand “CROSS BY CLOTH” - Exchange and Collaboration with Fabrics

■ As a “key industry” of the domestic textile industry

“X SANYO (Cross Sanyo)” is our original brand name for our group of products made by combining our casual processing technology and our partner company’s fabrics/technology. We have created the concept “CROSS BY CLOTH”, taking the images of “cross” as combination and “cloth” as fabric; a collaboration of not only the essence of [+] addition but also the essence of [X] multiplication. In the future, starting with the expansion of products produced through a collaborative effort with our affiliated companies, we will actively develop new products as a factory open to customers in various production areas, manufacturers in both upstream and downstream as well as other companies in the same industry. While Japan’s textile industry is downscaling, we, a dye factory that is said to be a key industry, must take the initiative in promoting innovation in cooperation with our business partners. Together with this Visual Identity, we aim to be a company that continues to produce new “collaborative products”, always maintaining an awareness of the need for the right combination of ideas and active energy.