Our Strengths

Sanyo Senko Co., Ltd. has continued to pursue innovation in a tradition that has continued since the Taisho era, seeking technology and systems that offer higher quality products. Taking advantage of our unique qualities, which include indigo dyeing technology, as well as our production capacity; one of Japan’s largest in the industry, and a production system that guarantees delivery in as little as a week, we have earned international recognition in our quality management and environmental measures with the Intertek Achievement Award.

  • Bleaching/Plain Dyeing

    Uniform dyeing of the same color. We offer high-quality plain dyeing using our technology and experience cultivated over many years.

  • Indigo Dyeing

    We respond to various needs from small lot orders to large-volume orders. We also deliver your order in as little as a week.

  • Printing

    We respond to a wide variety of demands, from regular printing by a rotary printing machine to special printing made to order using various printing methods.

  • Processing Technology

    Processing technology gives fabric various expressions and functions. We offer a proven track record of successfully delivering a wide variety of requests.

  • Production System

    With a monthly production capacity of two million meters, one of Japan’s largest production systems, our production system can handle large-volume orders.

  • Quality Management

    Our quality management system has demonstrated many years of outstanding performance. Strict inspections are conducted by skilled staff nurtured in the tradition of craftsmanship.

  • Environmental Measures

    Environmental challenges are critical global issues. As part of our responsibilities towards the environment, we have implemented various key environmental initiatives.