Processing Technology

Processing technology that can meet a wide range of needs

  • Processing required for clothing material varies, from regular processing used for casual wear, to a more intricate processing often used for medical uniforms and workwear. We are not only able to process fabrics using various well-known processing machines, but also excel at our own original methods. Based on technology and tradition accumulated over many years, we have established a system that can process original fabrics using special techniques, such as indigo dyeing, indigo discharge printing and colored discharge printing, as well as plain dyeing, bleaching and printing with consistently high-quality end products.

List of Processing Technology

Regular Processing

  • Superhydrophobic processing
  • Negative ion processing
  • Antibacterial/deodorant processing
  • Softening processing
  • Hard finish processing
  • UV cut processing
  • Water absorption/
    quick-drying processing
  • Heat accumulation processing
  • Moisture retention processing
  • Cooling processing
  • Fragrance processing
  • pH control processing
  • Pollen adhesion preventing processing
  • Antistatic processing
  • Others

Special Processing

  • Indigo discharge printing
  • Indigo printing
  • Oxidation/reduction discharge printing
  • Washout processing
  • Various types of coating