Printing that can only be performed by a large-scale dye factory

  • ■ Regular Printing

    Prints made by using a rotary printing machine manufactured by Stork of the Netherlands, is highly regarded with respect to speed, quality, and cost. Integrated processing with bleaching and plain dyeing creates synergies in various aspects such as processing type, total cost, and delivery time. Our company’s strength also lies in our ability to perform oxidation discharge printing that requires high-level technology.

  • ■ Special Printing

    We strive to develop new products on a daily basis to meet a wide range of customer needs. We have developed special print processes across a wide range of fields, including a “texture coating process” using oil or paraffin, a method that produce discoloration without damaging fabric which we refer to as “used smoke processing”, and “India ink print” developed independently in collaboration with a dye manufacturer.