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Affiliated Companies


    • Established: June 20, 1939
    • Capital: ¥20,000,000
    • Head Office: 2-2-7 Kawaramachi, Chuo-ku, Osaka
    • TEL: +81(0)6-6231-2615 (Main)
    • Business: Wholesale and import/export of electronic materials, electronic parts, etc.
  • DAIYA SEKIYU Co., Ltd.

    • Established: April 8, 1959
    • Capital: ¥35,000,000
    • Head Office & Factory: 6-1 Ichimonji-cho, Fukuyama City, Hiroshima
    • TEL: +81(0)84-957-1234 (Main)
    • Business: Sale of petroleum products, products for car maintenance, and used cars, as well as car rental business and car lease business

    • Established: February 21, 1948
    • Capital: ¥30,000,000
    • Head Office & Factory: 6-1 Ichimonji-cho, Fukuyama, Hiroshima
    • TEL: +81(0)84-953-3880 (Main)
    • Business: Dyeing and weaving of yarns of denim fabrics and processing of carbon fibers
  • Fukuyama-gas Co., Ltd.

    • Established: April 11, 1910
    • Capital: ¥258,750,000
    • Head Office: 2-26-1 Minamiteshiro-cho, Fukuyama City, Hiroshima
    • TEL: +81(0)84-931-3111 (Main)
    • Business: City gas and sale of gas equipment


Jan. 1925 Established a company as a cotton fabric printing factory based on many patent rights, including Japanese indigo discharge dyeing method invented by the late first president Suetaro Matsumoto
Nov.1946 Established Shoei Co., Ltd. and started a non-life insurance and real estate business
Feb.1948 Established CHUGOKU BOSHOKU Co., Ltd. and advanced into the textile fabric business (1-51, Midorimachi, Fukuyama City)
Established Osaka Office (Shinanobashi Building, 2-31 Utsubominami-dori, Nishi-ku, Osaka)
Aug.1948 Established Tokyo Office (2-2 Kobuna-cho, Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo)
Apr.1949 The Emperor (his Imperial Highness the Crown Prince at that time) visited the head office and factory of SANYO SENKO Co., Ltd.
Nov.1949 Acquired INAGAWA SENKO Co., Ltd. and changed its name to SANYO SENKO Co., Ltd., Inagawa Factory
Feb.1952 Established NAIGAI BUSSAN Co., Ltd. and started sales of electronic materials, electric wires, and industrial chemicals
Apr.1959 Established DAIYA SEKIYU Co., Ltd. and started sales of oil
Feb.1965 Established Matsumoto Scholarship Foundation and loaned scholarship to high school and college students
Mar.1968 Takuomi Matsumoto assumed post of President
Aug.1968 Signed a technical collaboration agreement with Haskell, USA and started interlining processing
Sep.1968 Established Nippon Haskell Co., Ltd. and started sales of various kinds of interlined products
Jan.1970 Established Shingai Factory at Ichimonji-cho, Fukuyama City and started adhesive interlining processing
1987 Held a groundbreaking ceremony for a new main factory and head office and started construction
Oct.1987 The new main factory was completed. The old main factory and Inagawa Factory were relocated and integrated, and started operation (at 10 Ichimonji-cho, Fukuyama City), while also being modernized by the introduction of state-of-the-art dyeing facilities.
Mar.1988 Sanyo Nissei Kawaramachi Building (building of 10 floors above the ground and 1 floor underground) was completed
(2-2-7 Kawaramachi, Chuo-ku, Osaka)
Jun.1991 Shigetaro Matsumoto assumed post of President
Mar.1992 Held a completion ceremony for Sanyo Daini Building
Mar.1993 Held a completion ceremony for Sanyo Daiichi Building
Jul.1995 Hong Kong Haskell was established
Sep.1995 Singapore Haskell was established
Jan.2006 Pad-dry dyeing machines were renewed
Dec.2007 Participated in Japan Creation, Japan’s largest textile exhibition, for the first time
Mar.2009 Introduced a set of once-through boilers (natural gas, 17.5 tons)
Jul.2009 Introduced heat set machines
Jun.2011 Soichiro Matsumoto assumed post of President
Apr.2013 Launched a collaboration brand “X SANYO”
Aug.2014 Developed our original technology “Indigo gradation discharge printing”
Jan.2018 The name of Sanyo Nissei Kawaramachi Building was changed to Sanyo Senko Kawaramachi Building
May2018 Sanyo Senko Motomachi Building was completed.